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My Personal Presentation

Hi my name is Natalia Stefania Vidal Algarra

I was bornwas born in the town of Espinal Tolima on 9 October 1997.

I live in on the Street 8# 9-35 downtown neighborhood.

my father is a businessman.

My mother working with catalogs.

My sister is Dahyana.

my pet is called chacho.

my favorite food is pastas .

my personality is disorganized, happy.

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I would like to study at the University of Tolima.

I would like to study medicine

My favorite pastime is sleeping .

my favorite team is LEOPARDOS .

I have afraid of heights

My family .

My friend.

pedagogical output ibague .

field trip to the pool naranjos .

I admire Steven Paul Jobs .

I would travel to MOROCCO.

Andres Orozco Estrada COLOMBIANO.

favorite book.

Colombian writer.

Manuel elkin patarroyo (Colombian) doctor.

Pablo Emilio Escobar GaviriaEscobar .

Luis .Luis Alberto Herrera Herrera

Goo Goo dolls . favorite band


Juan.Esteban Aristizábal Vásquez

SHAKIRA. Isabel Mebarak Ripoll

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